Bolognese sauce recipe - the simplest also the best?

Bolognese sauce recipe - the simplest also the best?

Ah, Bolognese – the king of pasta sauuuce. Known as ‘ragu’ in Italy, here’s the London version…

bolognese 3
bolognese 3


Beef or lamb mince

Passata or chopped tomatoes

Miso or soya sauce

1. Fry the meat in a little oil, breaking it up with a wooden spoon

2. Once brown, add the passata/chopped tomatoes and mix

3. Leave to stew on a medium/low heat, until the tomatoes are absorbed (leave on a low heat for 2-3 hours if you can, for added flavour)

4. Finally, add soya sauce to taste, or, if you have it, miso, which adds a really satisfying salty kick (NB – miso denatures if exposed to boiling sauce, so best to remove a little sauce into a bowl, leave to cool a sec, then mix with the miso. Also, miso is incredibly strong, so you might need only a tablespoon or two…)

As they say, “that’s ah-it-ah” (or at least they do if they’re part of an ad campaign for pasta sauces which encourages Italian stereotypes with the use of puppets.) Oops… Did I say that?

Amazing as it might seem to some Londoners, Italians actually know which pasta goes best with which sauces. Get the wrong one and you could be a laughing stock. For Bolognese/ragu, LondonCooking suggests you plumb for tagliatelle.